See the ads in the sky. Reach a worldwide audience.

New Concept

Imafine seeing an ad in the sky like something from the popular movie "Blade Runner". C

How it works

Low orbitting satelites are used to display ads that will be visible in the sky

“Make space closer & brighter” - StartRocket

Who created this

Companies like StartRocket are making this a reality by creating new concepts that could possibly be a revolutionary foundation for advertising and economical growth.

Our Concept Collaboration

Alpha Vertex plans to collaborate with different companies on this same mission to help them reach a wider audience of clients and investors.

  • Help Raise Funding
  • Identify Target Audiences for Clients Faster
  • Funnel Leads for Advertisers Smoother
  • Use Marketing Automation for Faster Services
  • Provide a Large Space for Work in Collaboration with Our Own Clients
  • Reach More Corporate Enities To Publish Orbital Ads
  • KMG Studios Providing an Ideal Content Creation Hotspot For Orbital Ads


Let’s build something amazing together.