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Vito Da God is without a doubt the most prominent artist waiting to explode in the industry. The way he's able to switch up his flow & sound makes him incredible versitile to his peers.

Jamar Shaw was born in West Philadelphia to a low-income family. After graduating from elementary school in Miami and high school in Alabama, Jamar achieved many milestones in his young and adolescent years, including being on the honor roll, achieving student of the year, and winning his church's bible bowl competition as the best actor in drama skits.

In 2014, he started his career in aviation in Fairbanks, Alaska, for the US Army.

He founded a wholesale real estate business and consulting service in 2017 while further pursuing his education for his aircraft and power plant license as an aircraft technician.

During the pandemic, Jamar recorded and made beats for people in his studio apartment in West Philadelphia.

In 2020, he started his record label, discovered his sound in music, and became a recording and performing artist. Since 2021, Jamar has been living in Miami Beach as an artist, entrepreneur, and private contractor for aircraft maintenance. He is currently focused on the needs of Jamaica and trading while studying astronomy and physics to meet humanitarian needs, all while building and growing as a musician.

  • Has been mentioed in Forbes
  • Mentioned in LA Weekly as well


Our agency has helped him gain more connections, grow his social media, & help him get published to large press companies.

What we have done & what we plan to do:

  • Started with social media
  • Moved to publications
  • Going to new heights with influencer marketing.
  • Help get shows booked for him & his artists.

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